Technology innovations

The technological has extended its enhancement in almost every niche. Right from the health sector, commerce, entertainment, government and even the educational industry the technological advancement is providing more comfort to the human living. It is the best change ever. If you are looking for some fantastic technology innovations for Education, then you have landed on the right web page. In this article, we are discussing the best changes that are in the current day’s education system.

Flash notes

Flash notes

Gone are the days of making notes on stick pads and other note pads. Tearing sheets and pasting on messy walls. As people are going towards a greener planet, the saving paper has been the priority to many people and eco-friendly environmentalists. A flash note allows students to upload lecture notes and also market them to other students. The rating system offers the note takers to obtain more business, the global hub of knowledge extends as students continue to share their work.

Kid blog

Kid Blog offers a secure way for the children to start up their blog connected to the classroom. This has become a boon to many students and teacher in rural areas. Teachers can assist the students in designing a blog around a scientific project or a history mind map, or an entire year’s project handout. The students are given with the benefits of other students and parents commenting on their work, thus providing great encouragement for shy writers.

Lesson cast

Most of the applications or software are biased towards kids but not lesson cast. Teachers look for help and support with their lesson plans and the curriculum to follow to get prepared to teach the students. Lesson Cast induces the teachers to submit a 2-minute lesson plan strategy, various ideas, documents, PowerPoint, etc. and share it with other institutional personnel. It provides a new platform for experienced teachers to share their intellect and help others, thus building an active community.


Teachers are continuously fighting against the ever-growing list of distractions that a smartphone offers to young and distracted students in the back of the room. Still, Celly is a text-messaging network that provides people to create a system anywhere at a rally, event, in the classroom, or on a field trip using smartphones. It induces the students to write their thoughts clearly and concisely. Rather than arguing about the effects of texting, teachers have found a way to use them in a positive yet responsive way.

Leap motion

The technology behind LEAP Motion is to be a company whose intent is on providing people with a more natural way to commune with the computer. LEAP has a piece of hardware that allows anyone to write, draw, zoom, play, and interact with their computer screen using a finger or fist. The mouse follows your movements by moving your hand over the device.


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